Connections: the Art of the Architect, an illustrated talk by Chris Loyn

Event Date + Time:

Thursday 9th November at 11 a.m

Event Location:

The Lysaght Institute
Orb Drive
NP19 0RA

Event Cost:

Tickets £12:50

Event Information:

The title of this talk has been chosen to reflect and emphasize the essential links between hand sketching, drawing and painting as a part of the process of designing quality buildings. It is vital to see and not just look. Taking time to study and understand the context within which one is to insert a new or
replacement structure is absolutely critical to the creation of an appropriate piece of architecture. It is too easy in this day and age of technology to click an instant digital image and move on, taking with you only a superficial memory of the place. In addition, the title plays upon the use of hand-crafted art in the communication of architectural ideas, connecting with all those who are involved in the process of converting dreams into realities. It also refers to the fact that what is not there is just as important as what is.

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